Lewis Acrylics & The Mighty Lark


Welcome to the new Lewis Acrylics web portfolio page. After quite some time I've determined that this site should have fewer bells and whistles and focus more on the images. I have a lot of work that I need to get up on this site. Some work I find myself waiting on better images and other pieces are merely stored on my computer and need to be placed in the right spots to be included on this site.
I have a show of new work up at Sohns Gallery in Bangor, ME. This body spans work from the past 4 years. The Rock and Art shop in which the Sohns Gallery is housed is also quite splendid. There is lots there to find in the way of geodes and reptilian skeletons as well as hand printed cards, stationary and jewelry.

A Little More About Mike

Mike lives and works in Maine with his wife Courtney and their two cats Jasper and Cedric. He holds an MFA from Maine College of Art and a BFA from Syracuse University. He has spent the last 11 years flip flopping from coast to coast trying to find the meaning of life. He doesn't know if he has or has not found it yet.
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